Telecom Expense Management



Raicas Inc., pronounced (ray-kus)  is your solution for reducing overall telecommunication expenses and driving efficiency.  As your business grows, so do your telecommunication needs. Soon the battle to juggle multiple technologies, micro-manage invoices and negotiate the most beneficial telecom contracts becomes too much. Either you simply don't have enough time to sufficiently review invoices or responsibility shifts to multiple sectors of your company eliminating the ability to audit bills efficiently. We know the ins-and-outs of the telecommunications industry and will help your company reduce telecom costs. In 3 easy steps, we help you: Take Control, Eliminate Errors and Maintain Control.


Taking Control


Raicas will empower your company with our self-developed TEM (Telecom Expense Management) Software Platform, which will organize your telecommunication expenses and give your company the same customized accuracy of a manual audit. Our TEM Software Platform was developed from our years of experience and combined insider-knowledge of the telecommunications industry, so you gain control.


Eliminating Errors


A staggering 80% of telecom invoices sent by trusted service-providers contain errors. Often these mistakes arise from disconnections within your service-providers organization, but however innocent they might be, these erroneous costs can tremendously impact your company's expenses.


Maintaining Control


Unfortunately, the telecom industry can change billing terms without rhyme or reason. Not catching these changes quickly can become very expensive. Plus, new rate offerings frequently change as usage trends adjust, so making sure your rates are current and applicable saves you money.